How to Play Roulette With a Strategic Approach

There are more strategies and systems for roulette than any other casino game. Some people use all the wrong techniques because and tend to stick to progression systems. These strategies are no better than just placing a bet on any random number on the wheel as the odds are just the same.

What you really want to know in roulette is how to play roulette the way professionals do. There are a lot of documentaries about beating casinos and if you have watched one that involved roulette computers, you will see that profits are higher. In fact, based on a particular TV documentary where basic roulette computers were used, the profits were higher compared to a game of roulette that did not use any.

Beating roulette wheels with or without computer is possible due to wheel bias. History would tell us that there have been a handful of people who found the bias on roulette wheel and used it to profit. Some got away with it but were ultimately detected. Hence, they have been banned in some casinos. Joseph Jagger is among the most popular people who were known to beat roulette.

Why It Is Possible to Beat Roulette Wheels

You may think it’s possible for dealers to control the winning number. But this atticle explains why roulette dealers can’t cheat by controlling the winning number. And based on study of all the roulette wheels, it is impossible to find one which can produce spins that are totally random. Currently, only about one percent of all the roulette wheels in a casino can produce spins that are very random.

Although this is true for all roulette wheels, not all wheels are worth beating. Some professionals don’t find it worthwhile to put their money on a very random roulette wheel. Based on studies of various roulette wheels, almost all wheels can be beaten but it may not be practical to do so.

Given the ordinary conditions on most casinos, you may find a wheel which does not spin as frequently as you might want. This is usually the case when the wheel is getting a lot of action.

Of course, you can rely on casinos to keep up with the latest technologies especially ones that would allow players to beat them. The current roulette wheels are not as different as they have been a decade ago. It’s a good thing that casinos are not too alarmed about players who are beating the wheel because they mainly rely on CCTV cameras. As long as a player remains discreet and does not win a wad of cash, he or she could continue playing without any interference from the casino.

But sooner or later, the casinos could start to catch up. Hence, it is time to study roulette wheels and learn as much as you can from them so you can be ahead of casinos.

How Casinos Learn About Roulette Players

The roulettewire. com site is a blog run by a professional roulette players, so they do exist. Being in a casino is just like being in Big Brother you will always be in surveillance. Casinos could learn more about the players through observation. They know if you use progression systems like Martingale or if you are fond of making black or red bets based on your behavior.

Through this surveillance, casinos tend to learn more about their players. If you have an overt change in your behavior or you exhibit any behavior which indicates that you are using a computer, you can be banned. Some players had been detected by casinos because they were careless about the way they acted.

Using a roulette computer is not that difficult. In most cases, all you have to do is to click on a button each time the wheel passes deflector which acts as your reference. On average, you need to practice for about one hour before you can get the hand of it.

Roulette wheels are not made equal. Some roulette wheels are harder to beat compared to others and these wheels will require more practice than you do with a normal wheel. Aside from that, the computers that can be used to deal with roulette have different features. Some computers come with more advanced features and it is easier for these computers to beat the wheels compared to simpler models.

Who Makes Use of Roulette Computers to Beat the Wheel?

With so many forums and the web, many people who play roulette know that computers exist. Professional players know about these gadgets and how these things work. But, the use of these computers is not limited to professional roulette players.

The truth is even beginners can learn to use these computers. This could help in making your predictions more accurate. You may need to test these computers in a wheel before you dive in. Remember that you cannot beat all kinds of roulette wheel and you would need to test these computers on them.

Learning how to play roulette is fairly easy but winning the game can be harder. You need to take many things into consideration but you can rest assured that roulette can be beaten. Although you need to work on learning the wheels and the systems first, a roulette computer would still be great to have.