Strategies to Win European Roulette

Roulette is a betting game so knowing the techniques will set you in good stead to making some money at the table. You can learn the rules for roulette here. Betting at Roulette and more betting at European Roulette Online, has many options that are simple to understand. The secret to Roulette betting are the inside and outside bets. See explanation of the roulette odds and you’ll see the house edge is much the same for any bet. These bets are determined by the number of numbers allowed for bets. Inside bets are done with the smaller amount of numbers, or cluster of numbers as a bet, and also individual bets with single numbers.

Bets at any Roulette Table has a minimum and maximum limit depending on the individual and the category of players at any table at any time. The minimum bets placed is dependent on what is categorized as profitable losers at the Roulette Table; while the maximum bets are to prevent the casino from losing a sizable sum to rich players who are able to make large bets. For European Roulette Online these strategies are also applicable.

Betting at The Roulette Table

See the recommended guide for playing roulette. Some persons believe there are no limits to betting at the Roulette Table, but this is not true. The more money you are tempted to bet may have you incurring heavy losses. Betting at the Roulette Table for the beginner is advised to start betting from the outside. This strategy may afford you winning in small portions, but you are sure to not lose your money. Keeping your bets to red/black, high/low or odd/ even is sure to have you winning 1: 1, which ensures a friendly wheel. The house edge is at the same, and your odds of winning have gone up by 50%. The fewer numbers you bet on may not ensure a huge win, but the secret is to not bet on five numbers as you may end up with a probability of 00-0-1-2-3 which will give you 7. 89% odds for losing. These odds are not good for a beginner.

Betting small portions at a Roulette Table and wanting to Double Up is a strategy that will NOT work. Betting black/red and odd/even is NOT a winning strategy. Bet the same over a period of times even if you lose, as the probability of you winning is terrible. This strategy in Roulette is called the Martingale Strategy, which can also be used for persons betting on European Roulette Online, but it loses the same anywhere. See layout diagram for the roulette table so you can become familiar with the types of bets in roulette.

The Martingale Strategy in Roulette

Say you bet $10 dollars on red, and it lands on black; on your next turn it is safe to bet $20 dollars on red as it will ensure you win your money back and make a profit. If it lands on black again then bet the same again, continue with this strategy as the wheel will eventually land on red, and you win your money back and make a profit.

Here is where low betting is advisable, which the minimum betting amount that the Roulette Table allows. When betting, it is advised you have the amount of money to double up, and so ensure you win and make a profit at the Roulette Table.

The Grand Martingale Strategy in Roulette

This strategy in Roulette is similar to the Martingale Strategy with a slight twist. In betting the Grand Martingale Strategy; instead of only doubling up your betting’s, the player doubles up and adds another «unit» to their strategy. The «unit» is the first color and amount you started betting with. Apart from the Martingale System and the Grand Martingale System there are others which players of Roulette have used, they are:

Labouchere’ System; which is not that different from the Martingale System of betting, is increasing your betting size on losing your original betting amount.

D’Alembert System is designed to help the player hold on to their winnings. When you win you reduce your betting amount, and when you lose you increase your betting amount. This is simple betting strategy, but not as restricting as the Martingale System. Who or What is The Croupier

The Croupier or Dealer; is the person employed by the Casino to serve at the Roulette Table. His job is to spin the wheel, distribute bets and make payouts on winnings. These individuals are not generally experts at Roulette, but they are trained also to spot professional Roulette Players, and to ensure the house’s advantage.

The Philosophy of Roulette

Because the game of Roulette was invented by a Physicist, it is generally believed that Roulette is played and won on Physics. The most direct use of physics involves the use of hidden cheating computers. A lot of Mathematics is involved and because it is a game of chance, the odds of winning are greatly against the player. Many persons have done considerable research to be able to bet and bet intelligently so as to beat the Roulette Table. This strategy at betting at Roulette takes a lot of planning and they have won greatly, and also lost greatly.

There are many systems of Roulette, but the two main systems are The American and the European Systems. The American System of Roulette on the wheel, apart from the 36 slots there are «00» on the wheel; while on the European Roulette Wheel there is only one «0» slot, along with the other 36 slots. Knowing how to manipulate the system based on where you are playing the game of Roulette, will enhance your chances of winning.

Players who choose to bet online and are using the European Roulette System, are able to log on and just bet from any chosen table from anywhere in the world. Some players may choose to use other online players’ signature to widen their chances of winning. They will, however, have to split their winnings with this player. Regardless of what system you choose to use, taking your chances at Roulette, and especially European Roulette Online, the tables may be tipped in your favor.