Super dice slot game

Fascinating fruit designs landed on super dice with 3 reels and 5 paylines which can bring much interest forming regular sequence. Good news is that no registration required for this slot to play. You get to see the 3 factors in this slot machine which are red7, fruits, lucky stars and dice. You can increase your credit amount with each spin.

The main goal is to match 3 symbols with 5 winlines. There are colorful fonts displayed in the game which gives an effect that you will never forget. Also the background music takes up its turn to prove that everybody is right with their selection of game. To the ones who are bored on holidays and got nothing to do! For them this is a perfect game to take up for a day as you get rewards and mostly fun filled slot with lots of entertainment. All fundamental choices are controlled with buttons which is placed under the playing field of slot machine.

How to play

You can either increase or decrease the size of the stake from 0. 40 to 100.  Autoplay gives you the continuous spins that are generally ended with only stop button. But its administration excludes the activation of gamble option. If you have a magic in your hand then you are at the right place to use it by playing this simple yet fascinating super dice slot machine. Give it a try! And you will get attracted towards it and it drags you more into it. Payable category is monitored to get recognizable with super dice games figures, aspects and payouts regular and bonus rewards guidelines and conditions.


If you want to know the rules of rewarding courses you can go for a option of more info button. By just clicking on that you get the description and the content of conditions. Dice component will begun with three anyways settled with scattered dice symbols. There are deposit bonus rewards, free spins and jackpots so don’t miss this opportunity to show your real talent and play for real money.  The combination of dice that are showed on the screen are dogged with the stop button. Because in this players get to see the number of free spins that are directed by mystery star slot. Whenever melon, clock, star symbols are seen on the screen special round gets triggered by 3 similar seven. It also provides freeze spins that allows us to hold up to 2 reels. When the three images of clock appears it shows up the rewarding amounts that are earned.


There are two main features in this super dice slot machine. One is dice feature and the other one is cash unlimited feature. Dice feature activates the symbols of dice anywhere on the rell whereas in cash unlimited feature giant golden stopwatch symbols shows up after every spin. With all these features who don’t want to give it a try? Everybody does right? So why to wait for a chance when you can take it on your own. Good luck and get going! It guarantees every player to get some fun even if you don’t know how the slot works.